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The Department of Informatics

Concept of Informatics in Hamburg

Informatics in Hamburg has been distinguished from its founding in 1971 by combining extensive research in almost all relevant Informatics areas with a clear focus on applications. As a subject in a comprehensive university, it benefits most from the interdisciplinary dialogue with many other subjects, e.g. the Economic and Social Sciences, Humanities, Natural Sciences, Medicine and Education. Exchange with industry is supported by Hamburger Informatik Technologie-Center (HITeC e.V.) which offers practice-oriented research, cooperation with regional companies, technology transfer and spin-offs.

The Department of Informatics obligates to the guiding theme “Human-Centered Complex Systems” with two main areas:

Complex Systems Engineering
focuses on the development of complex infrastructure and application systems. Important topics will be controlling complexity and safe operation.
Human-Centered Computing
will be devoted especially to the design of user-friendly Informatics systems and the interaction between Informatics systems, methods and contexts of use.

The Department of Informatics comprises 19 professors, about 80 other scientists, and nearly 40 staff. Three chairs are to be appointed. 1,500 students are trained in various courses.

The courses offered include: