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Contact information

Mail Address: University of Hamburg
Department of Computer Science / ML
Vogt-Kölln-Str. 30
22527 Hamburg
Room: C 217
Phone: +49 40 42883-2409
Fax: +49 40 42883-2385
E-mail: luxburg@informatik.uni-hamburg.de

I am a professor for computer science, with research focus in machine learning theory and computational statistics.

I am looking for a new PhD student (75 % E13, three years, starting date flexible), to work on a project related to statistics and two-sample tests on random graphs and networks. A masters degree in maths / computer science and a strong background in statistics is required. If you are interested please send an application according to the following guidelines

Field of research. Theory of machine learning algorithms, in particular the statistical analysis of algorithms on random graphs and statistics of complex networks. For a short description see here.

Awards. My research won a number of awards.

For all questions regarding teaching, please visit my teaching page (also includes topics for Bachelor / Master theses and comments about taking exams).

Consultation hour / Sprechstunde I don't have a fixed time. Please send me an email in which you explain why you want to talk to me, then we can make an appointment. Please do not just drop in my office unless it is really urgent.

If you want to apply in our group (intern / phd student / postdoc) please follow our application guidelines.

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