SWI-Prolog packages

This page provides a brief overview of the packages delivered as part of the SWI-Prolog official source-tree. Packages are libraries, often involving foreign parts, that can be installed on top of SWI-Prolog/lite, the plain Prolog compiler.

In addition to the packages described here there are contributed packages that are not part of the SWI-Prolog source-tree. Check the SWI-Prolog package home.

Package Status Description
pldoc Installed (Beta) JavaDoc like documentation system integrated with searchable manual.
plunit Installed (Beta) Unit-test test framework.
clib Installed Communication and Process management: TCP/IP sockets, Unix fork and kill, time and alarm management, crypto functions.
ssl Installed (beta) Interface to SSL (Secure Socket Layer)
tipc Installed if supported (mostly Linux) (beta) Interface to TIPC (Transparent Inter-Process Communications) sockets.
cpp Installed A true C++ interface
jpl Installed (Beta) Bidirectional Java/Prolog interface
ODBC Installed ODBC Database interface
sgml Installed Read and write XML/SGML/HTML documents
sgml/RDF Installed RDF handling on top of pl2sgml
semweb Installed Storing, querying and managment of RDF triple sets
NLP Installed NLP basics: Porter stem, Double Metaphone
http Installed HTTP client and server libraries
table Installed Access field/record files quickly
XPCE Installed Graphical UI toolkit and development add-ons
Zlib Installed Compressed I/O, read/write gzip files.
protobufs Installed Interface to Google protobufs
R Installed Interface to the R-project for Statistical Computing
R Intalled Interface to the R Project for Statistical Computing
db Alpha BerkeleyDB interface
jasmine Alpha (Win32 only) Jasmine OO database interface
ltx2htm Not integrated, Unix only LaTeX to HTML in Prolog. Used for manual and package documentation.
mp Not integrated Arbitrary-precision arithmetic (GNU-MP). GMP integers and rationals are in the core. This library provides floats and complex numbers, but not integrated with Prolog arithmetic.