Place/Transition (P/T) Systems


(according to [bd92])

Transition Rule (interleaving semantics)

Another transition rule given by [jv81] and [win85] differs from the one given in the enabling of "side conditions":

Concurrent behaviour (step semantics)

Definition according to [dev90] which corresponds to the definition of a "simple step" in [rei85b].

This definition may be extended to a "bag" of transitions, that is informally, to a set with multiplicity (or multiset) which corresponds to the notion of "step" in [bf86]:

Sample Net

(from [rei87])


CPN/AMI CPN/AMI is an interactive toolkit for creation, manipulation, simulation, transformation, analysis and checking of typed graphs with attributes.
MOBY is a simulation tool based on object-oriented features.
POSES is a simulation and development system.
PENECA is a simulation tool.
PESIM is a tool for the structural and performance analysis of nets.
PNS is a public domain Petri Net simulation tool.
TORAS is a tool for analyzing Petri Nets using reachability analysis.
GRAF is an environment for the analysis and simulation of hierarchical nets.
CAPSNET is a simulation tool.
FORSEE is a collection of tools for the development of systems.
INA is a descriptive analysis tool.
PAPETRI is an integrated environment for editing and anlysing Nets.
PEP is a verification tool for parallel systems.
WINPETRI is an analysis tool for Windows.