Algebraic Nets

Algebraic Net Schemes

An algebraic net scheme is a pair consisting of an algebraic specification and a net with sorted places, with transtitions which have predicate (a set of equations) and with arcs marked with terms over the specification.

An algebraic net scheme consists in a basic coloured net where colours and firing rules are represented by interpretations of terms over a given algebraic specification.


(according to [dhp91])

An algebraic net scheme is a tuple N=(SPEC,X,P,T,Pre,Post,eqns,sort) where:

  1. SPEC=(SO,OP,EQ) is an algebraic specification of abstract data types
  2. X is a family of SO-sorted variables
  3. P and T are the sets of places and transitions
  4. Pre and Post are functions which assign a set of terms with variables to every pair place/transition
  5. eqns is a function which associates with each transition a set of equations
  6. sort is a function which assigns a sort SO to every place

Algebraic High-Level Nets

Algebraic high-level nets are couples (algebraic net scheme, algebra).


An algebraic high-level net (AHL net) is a tuple (N,A) where N is an algebraic net scheme and A is a SPEC-algebra.

Transition Rule

The semantics of an algebraic high-level net is that of the associated coloured net where the terms and equations are interpreted in the given algebra.

Sample Net

Sender-Receiver Model


PAPETRI, an integrated tool for editing and analysing Petri Nets.
SANDS-COOPN, a development system to construct Concurrent Object-Oriented Petri Net specifications based upon algebraic nets.