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Transition Rule

Sample Net

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Alpha/Sim is a general-purpose discrete-event simulation tool.
ANARCO is a tool for the analysis of Petri Nets and Coloured Petri Nets.
CPN/AMI is an interactive toolkit for creation, simulation, transformation, and analysis of AMI-Nets, a syntaxical form of the well-formed Petri Nets including CPN and Place/Transition Nets.
DESIGN/CPN is a tool package supporting hierarchical CPN augmented with time.
DESIGN/OA is a development system for building applications with a graphical interface.
EXSPECT is a framework for executable formal specifications based on a functional language.
FORSEE contains a collection of tools that provide computer-based assistance in the development fo concurrent systems.
INA is a descriptive Petri Net Analysis Tool.
LOOPN is a language and simulator for specifying systems in terms of Coloured Timed Petri Nets with object-oriented extensions.
PAPETRI is a general and integrated environment for editing and analysing Petri Nets.
POSES is a simulation and development system.
PROMPT is a tool for implementation of protocols and other applications from a high-level Petri Net language into C-code.
PNTBLSIM is a simulation tool using decision tables.
TemPRO is a business process analysis tool.
VisualSIMNET is a simulation tool for stochastic and high-level Petri Nets.
VOLTAIRE is a system modelling and evaluation environment.