Call for Papers and Announcement

Petri Nets 2009


Paris, France, June 22-26, 2009

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Contact e-mail:

In 2009 the Petri Nets conference is co-located with the RSP'09.

Important Dates:
Submission of Papers:January 5, 2009
Notification:March 1, 2009
Final Version Due:April 1, 2009
Workshops & Tutorials: June 22-23, 2009
Conference:June 24-26, 2009

The deadline for submission of papers is STRICT.
However, if you submit the title page by Jan. 5
it is sufficient to submit the full paper by Jan. 10.

Some of the best papers accepted for the conference will be invited as
submission to a special issue of the Fundamenta Informaticae journal.

The 30th annual international Petri Net conference and tutorials will be organised by the Université Pierre & Marie Curie together with CNAM, Université Evry-Val-d'Essone, Université Paris-Dauphine, Université Paris 12, Université Paris 13 and Telecom ParisTech (members of the MeFoSyLoMa group). Papers presenting original contributions in any area of application and theory of Petri nets are sought. The language of the conference is English.

Paris at night


The conference takes place under the auspices of EATCS and GI SIG "Petri Nets and Related System Models".

Paper Submissions

Three kinds of papers can be submitted: Submissions for papers must: The title page must: Submissions received too late and submissions sent by fax or ordinary mail will be immediately rejected. The same will happen with papers which are not in English or exceed the page limit. Authors will be notified of acceptance/rejection by March 1, 2009.

The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag in Lecture Notes in Computer Science. The final camera-ready version of accepted papers must be received by the PC chairs no later than April 1, 2009. The page limit is 20 pages (10 pages for tool papers).

Workshops and Tutorials

The conference takes place Wednesday to Friday. The days before the conference also offer a large variety of Petri net activities.

The Introductory Tutorial is offered to participants who have little or no prior experience with Petri nets. The talks give an overview of the area, and they will help new-comers to understand the basic ideas in many of the conference contributions. The Workshops and Advanced Tutorials are offered to those who already have some knowledge of Petri nets. They are divided into several strands covering different subjects. A detailed description of the tutorials and workshops will be available via the conference web pages.

Finally, it will be possible to arrange meetings for different groups, e.g., participants in international Petri net projects. It will also be possible to arrange small educational courses, e.g., with respect to some of the Petri net tools. Submissions for such activities must contain a 2-5 page description. They must be received by the PC-chairs no later than January 15, 2009.

We invite proposals for workshops and advanced tutorials:

Tool Exhibition

A 2-3 hour exhibition of Petri net tools takes place Tuesday or Wednesday evening. It consists of informal demonstrations for small groups/individuals, and there are no scheduled talks. Requests for participation in the tool exhibition must be sent to the Tool Exhibition Chair before June 1, 2009. They should include a link to the web pages for the tool (or a short description of the tool). The demonstrators usually bring their own machines, but the organisers may be requested to give access to the Internet.


Program Committee Co-Chair Program Committee Co-Chair
Karsten Wolf
University of Rostock
Institute of Computer Science
Schwaansche Strasse 2
D-18051 Rostock
Giuliana Franceschinis
Università del Piemonte Orientale
Dipartimento di Informatica
via Bellini 25/g
I-15100 Alessandria
Phone:+49 381 4987670
Fax:+49 381 4987642
Phone:+39 0131 360159
Fax:+39 0131 360198
Workshop and Tutorial Co-Chair Workshop and Tutorial Co-Chair
Susanna Donatelli
Università di Torino
Dipartimento di Informatica
Corso Svizzera 185
I-10149 Torino
Maciej Koutny
Newcastle University
School of Computing Science
Claremont Road
Claremont Tower
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 7RU
United Kingdom
Phone:+39 011 6706746
Fax:+39 011 751603
Phone:+44 191 222 7982
Fax:+44 191 222 8232
Organising Committee Chair Tools Exhibition Chair
Fabrice Kordon
Université Pierre & Marie Curie/LIP6
4 place Jussieu
75252 Paris Cedex 05
Laure Petrucci
Université Paris XIII/LIPN
99 Avenue Jean-Baptiste Clément
93430 Villetaneuse
Phone:+33 1 44 27 88 20
Fax:+33 1 44 27 74 95
Phone:+33 1 49 40 28 61
Fax:+33 1 48 26 07 12
Publicity Chair
Jean-Baptiste Voron
Université Pierre & Marie Curie/LIP6
4 place Jussieu
75252 Paris Cedex 05
Phone:+33 1 44 27 31 92
Fax:+33 1 44 27 74 95

Program Committee

K. Barkaoui, France
S. Bernardi, Italy
L. Bernardinello, Italy
E. Best, Germany
R. Bruni, Italy
G. Ciardo, USA
J. Desel, Germany
R. Devillers, Belgium
Z. Duan, China
J.M. Fernandes, Portugal
J.C.A. de Figueiredo, Brazil
G. Franceschinis, Italy (co-chair)
S. Haddad, France
K. van Hee, The Netherlands
R. Janicki, Canada
G. Juhas, Slovak Republic
J. Júlvez, Spain
E. Kindler, Denmark
F. Kordon, France
M. Koutny, UK
L.M. Kristensen, Denmark
C. Lakos, Australia
J. Lilius, Finland
T. Miyamoto, Japan
M. Mukund, India
W. Penczek, Poland
L. Petrucci, France
K. Tsuji, Japan
R. Valk, Germany
A. Valmari, Finland
H. Völzer, Switzerland
K. Wolf, Germany (co-chair)
M. Zhou, USA

Steering Committee

W. van der Aalst, The Netherlands
J. Billington, Australia
G. Ciardo, USA
J. Desel, Germany
S. Donatelli, Italy
S. Haddad, France
K. Jensen, Denmark (chair)
H.C.M. Kleijn, The Netherlands
M. Koutny, UK
S. Kumagai, Japan
C.A. Petri, Germany (honorary member)
L. Pomello, Italy
W. Reisig, Germany
G. Rozenberg, The Netherlands
M. Silva, Spain
A. Yakovlev, UK

History of the Conference

The aim of the conference is to create a forum for discussing progress in the application and theory of Petri nets. Typically, the conferences have 100-150 participants - some of these coming from industry, the rest from universities and research institutions. The conference takes place in the last week of June. The proceedings are published by Springer-Verlag as Lecture Notes in Computer Science (

1. 1980 Strasbourg, France
2. 1981 Bad Honnef, Germany
3. 1982 Varenna, Italy
4. 1983 Toulouse, France
5. 1984 Aarhus, Denmark
6. 1985 Espoo, Finland
7. 1986 Oxford, UK
8. 1987 Zaragoza, Spain
9. 1988 Venice, Italy
10. 1989 Bonn, Germany
11. 1990 Paris, France
12. 1991 Aarhus, Denmark
13. 1992 Sheffield, UK
14. 1993 Chicago, USA
15. 1994 Zaragoza, Spain
16. 1995 Torino, Italy
17. 1996 Osaka, Japan
18. 1997 Toulouse, France
19. 1998 Lisbon, Portugal
20. 1999 Williamsburg, USA
21. 2000 Aarhus, Denmark
22. 2001 Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
23. 2002 Adelaide, Australia
24. 2003 Eindhoven, The Netherlands
25. 2004 Bologna, Italy
26. 2005 Miami, USA
27. 2006 Turku, Finland
28. 2007 Siedlce, Poland
29. 2008 Xi'an, China

Other Major Activities of the Petri Net Community

Petri Net Newsletter

The newsletter is published twice a year by the Special Interest Group on Petri Nets and Related System Models of the Gesellschaft für Informatik. It contains refereed articles, surveys and state-of-the-art reports. Moreover, it contains work-in-progress papers, all kinds of announcements, programs and reports on meetings and activities, information on theses and new books, and abstracts of recent publications. The executive editors are:

Contributions should be sent to the editors. Deadlines are mid March and mid September. Further information as well as subscription forms can be obtained from the editors or from the Petri Net Newsletter web site:

Transactions on Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency (ToPNoC)

ToPNoC ( is published by Springer-Verlag as a journal subline in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). The subseries replaces (and continues) the well known subseries called "Advances in Petri Nets". ToPNoC contains: revised versions of some of the best papers from workshops and tutorials at the annual Petri net conferences, special sections/issues within particular subareas (like some of those which have been published as volumes in "Advances in Petri Nets"), other papers invited for publication in ToPNoC, and papers submitted directly to ToPNoC by their authors. To get more information about ToPNoC please contact the editor-in-chief:

Advanced Courses on Petri Nets

These courses are organised periodically in order to present the progress in Petri net research and applications. Until now there have been four courses: Hamburg 1979, Bad Honnef 1986, Dagstuhl 1996 and Eichstätt 2003. The material from the courses is published by Springer-Verlag as Lecture Notes in Computer Science.

The next Advanced Course will take place in Rostock, Germany in September 2010. Karsten Wolf will be course director and head of the local organising committee while Wil van der Aalst, Gianfranco Balbo and Maciej Koutny will be scientific directors. More detailed information about the course will be available on the web page

Petri Net WWW and Petri Net Mailing

These electronic services are used to disseminate announcements, questions, bibliographies, tool information, addresses, and all other kinds of Petri net related information. The services are maintained by the TGI group at University of Hamburg, Germany. More information can be obtained at the following addresses:
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