Photographs from Petri Nets 2000

This page contains photographs from the Petri Nets 2000 conference in Aarhus, Denmark, June 2000. They were taken by Kjeld H. Mortensen with a digital camera.
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Organisers (subset)

Kurt Jensen and Søren Christensen (right) as the organising committee chair talking with Louise Lorentsen who is a Ph.D. student from the CPN-group.
Mogens Nielsen (left) as the program committee co-chair (theoretical papers).
Lars Kristensen was responsible for collecting and assembling workshop/tutorial material for printing.
Sekretaries Helle Holm-Nielsen and Kirsten Boddum.
Sekretary Janne Kroun Christensen (left).
Sekretary Karen Kjær Møller (right).

Reception in Town Hall

Vice mayor Hans Schiøtt, Grzegorz Rozenberg, Kurt Jensen. (Notice Rozenberg's tie.)
Grzegorz Rozenberg giving a speech.
???, Gabriel Juhas, Jianli Xu, ???
Gregor Engels, Walter Vogler
Carsten Schmidt, Ekkart Kindler
Jonathan Billington, Monika Heiner
Claude Girault, Laure Petrucci
Dan Simpson (program committee co-chair, application papers), Claude Girault
Jetty Kleijn
Susanna Donatelli, Giuliana Franceschinis

Conference Activities

Talks in the main auditorium.
Invited speakers, here Gregor Engels (left), Serge Haddad (right).
Tool demonstrations.
    Lunch breaks: the buffet; Michel Beaudouin-Lafon and Jonathan Billington discussing tools; Marko Mäkela (middle), Nisse Husberg (right); Eric Verbeek, Wil van der Aalst, and Jörg Desel.
Coffee breaks: Jianli Xu and Kurt Jensen; Luis Gomes studying workshop material; Sadatoshi Kumagai.
More than 20 machines providing e-mail facilities.

Conference Dinner

A welcome drink before dinner.
Serge Haddad, Emmanuel Paviot-Adet, Fabrice Kordon
Kimmo Varpaaniemi
Andrew Miner, Gianfranco Ciardo
Jean-Michel Couvreur, Claude Girault, José-Manuel Colom
Rightmost: Luis Gomes, Alexandre Yakovlev
Kurt Jensen explains how to eat marinated herring together with schnapps.
Jonathan Billington with his two Ph.D. students Steven Gordon and Maria Villapol.
Jörg Desel (left), David de Frutos (right)
Gregor Engels, Kurt Jensen, Kjeld Mortensen (tools demonstration chair)
Susanna Donatelli has taken this photo of the companions at her table.
Søren Christensen (organising committee chair together with Kurt Jensen), Tadao Murata, Sadatoshi Kumagai
Rudolf Keller, Gert Scheschonk
Thomas Mailund and Mogens Nielsen discuss category theory and schnapps.
Left: Maciej Koutny, Philippe Darondeau
Hartmann Genrich, Klaus Voss
Kurt Jensen, Maciej Koutny, Jetty Kleijn, Philippe Darondeau
Daniel Moldt
Michael Weber, Ekkart Kindler

Closing Session and Hand-over Ceremony

The conference is closing after an interesting week with 140 people from 30 countries.
Hartmann Genrich announces that he plans to retire at the end of year 2000.
The Petri Nets 2002 conference will be held in Adelaide, Australia. Jonathan Billington explains where it is.
The Petri Nets 2001 conference next year will be held in Newcastle upon Tyne, England. Alexandre Yakovlev and Maciej Koutny has brought local treats: Lindisfarne Mead and shortbreads.
The treats are tested.

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