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This page contains a chronologically ordered list of news related with the Petri Nets standardisation task.


Dec 13
Combined WD circulation, CD Registration and FCD ballot, WD15909 - Software Engineering - High Level Petri Net. The ballot closes April 13, 2003.
Dec 11
The project FCD 15909 is reactivated as new approved NP.

Jun 26
New ballot document: New Proposal for a Standard on Petri Net Techniques. Ballot closes Sep 26, 2002. This document also contains additional information on the status and plans of the PN standard.


Feb 3
WG Meeting Minutes of ISO/IEC JTC1/SC7 WG19 Meeting, Orlando, USA, December 14-15, 2000.


Oct 13
Jonathan Billington's slides from the talk Update on the Status of ISO/IEC 15909 and International Standardardization Processes from the meeting on XML/SGML based Interchange Formats for Petri Nets at Petri Nets 2000 are now available online.

Jul 13
A new mailing list has been created (The Petri Net Interchange Format Mailing List) with the purpose of discussing the standardisation of an interchange format for Petri nets.

Jun 27
Meeting on XML/SGML based Interchange Formats for Petri Nets at the Petri Nets 2000 Conference. Position papers and other material available online.


June 9
Revised Disposition of comments to take into account the agreements made at the Curitiba meeting.

May 27-31
SC7/WG11 meeting, Curitiba, Brazil. Draft Summary and Disposition of Comments document KMJ-013R3 created 27 May.

May 25
Second draft disposition of Comments circulated to WG11 members.

May 10
Response from DIN, indicating that the new proposal was acceptable, so long as there was some mention of markings being defined as ground terms rather than concrete values.

April 25
Editor response to DIN comment of 18 November 1998, suggesting that annotation of arcs with terms (rather than BTERMs or further extensions) was sufficient, as all the necessary terms could be built from a usual signature. This had not been recognised prior to DIN's input.


December 13
Revised draft subdivision of project 7.19.3 to include subprojects for but never submitted to ISO/IEC.

November 18
Major response from DIN to draft disposition. Major points are:
  1. Need for a more syntactic definition that allows schemas
  2. Technical comment regarding the need for more flexibility in arc inscriptions
Plus many other comments.

November 3
Draft Disposition of Comments circulated to all National Body PN representatives and WG11 members for comment. The editing meeting was left open till the Curitiba meeting in May 1999.

October 29
The FCD is passed by all countries that voted, except for Germany. See SC7N2003 Letter Ballot Summary (17 approved (4 with comments), 1 disapproved (with 44 comments) , and 3 abstained (without comment). A total of 84 comments were received. This means that the draft progresses to Final Draft International Standard with only one further ballot to go - requiring only a Yes/No vote (no comments).

Jul 17
The standard for High-level Petri nets, ISO/IEC 15909, has now been circulated for a 4 month ballot as a Final Committee Draft, due 21 October 1998. See also Jonathan Billington's posting.

Feb 5
Additional comments to Ballot Summary by Bernd Baumgarten.

Feb 4
Ballot Summary for High-level Petri net Standard. See the posting by Jonathan Billington.


Nov 11
Show how your favourite net system maps onto the standard. For more information, see the posting by Dan Simpson.

Oct 14
Billington posted a message on the PetriNets e-mail list explaining the current progress.

Oct 5
Committee draft document version 3.4 of the Petri Nets standard was released.

Sep 4
Committee draft document version 3.0 of the Petri Nets standard was released.

May 22
Working draft document version 2.5 of the Petri Nets standard was released.

February 18
Working draft document version 2.1 of the Petri Nets standard was released.

January 17
It was announced that project 7.19.3 Petri nets will continue thanks to support from the Petri Nets community. For more information see JB's posting on the PetriNets e-mail list. More information available from e-mail correspondense.

January 8
Jonathan Billington has made available an extract of a document (ISO/IEC JTC1 N 4474 of 13 December 1996), which lists the resolutions of the Paris Meeting, that was considering cancellation of a large number of projects including 7.19.3 (Petri nets).


November 29
Release of the document "Australian Response to JTC1 N4302 Proposed Cancellation of Project 7.19.3 Petri nets".

November 22
Project 7.19.3 (Petri Nets) is in danger of being cancelled. See Bernd Baumgarten's posting on the PetriNets e-mail list.

October 18
Draft document version 1.1 of the Petri Nets standard was released.

The Petri Nets project was announced at the Petri Nets conference, Osaka, Japan.

Result of ballot was published: Petri Nets project approved. The Petri Nets standardisation task began.


August 14
It was proposed to subdivide project 7.19 (Diagrams for Software Engineering) to make the project "Project 7.19.xx Petri Net Standard".

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