Guth's Petri Net Java Applet

The applet below is written by Volker Guth. The applet was developed during a project and supports Place/Transition Nets with place capacities. (Visit also the original location of the applet for more information.).

Pushing the buttons Place, Transition, or Arc enters a mode for creating various Petri Nets elements. Delete elements with Delete Place, Trans., Arc. Delete all elements with ClearScreen.

Token and deleteToken adds resp. removes tokens on a place. deleteAllToken removes all tokens from all places.

PKap auf 1 sets place capacity to one, Pkap+ increases capacity, and Pkap- decreases capacity.

Simulation can be accomplished with Simulation-Step and Simulation-Step-Back. Click on red transitions for making a step occur. Green transitions are disabled.

Mousepointer leaves any of the above modes and allows one to move elements around.

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