Axiomensysteme für die Theorie der Nebenläufigkeit

Axiomatic Systems for the Theory of Concurrency

Olaf Kummer

Diploma thesis at the Department of Computer Science, University of Hamburg

The aim of the Axiomatic Concurrency Theory invented by Prof. Carl Adam Petri is to describe the notions of "system", "process", "state", "signal", "space", and "time" in an axiomatic system. This should be done in consideration of physical laws and principles, in order to get a close correlation between theory, reality, and application.

Concurrency Theory changed a lot in the course of the years, almost no paper presented the same axiomatic system as the previous one. In addtion to a set of core axioms there are many other axioms that might be useful, some of which are evalutated in this work.

Some strange models of Concurrency Theory are presented, because they illuminate the need for additional axioms that can ensure long held beliefs about concurrency structures.

It is not the aim of this thesis to develop the theory from its roots, as it is done in the works of Petri. We will focus our main interest on the interrelations of the axioms and on some useful axiomatic systems

Prof. Rüdiger Valk
Dr. Dirk Hauschildt

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Olaf Kummer
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