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Timed Petri Nets and BQOs.

Abdulla, Parosh Aziz; Nylén, Aletta

In: J.-M. Colom, M. Koutny (Eds.), Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Proc. of 22nd International Conf. on Applications and Theory of Petri Nets 2001 (ICATPN 2001), pages 53-70. Lecture Notes in Computer Science 2075, edited by G. Goos, J. Hartmanis and J. van Leuwen, Springer, June 2001.

Abstract: We consider (unbounded) Timed Petri Nets (TPNs) where each token is equipped with a real-valued clock representing the "age" of the token. Each arc in the net is provided with a subinterval of the natural numbers, restricting the ages of the tokens travelling the arc. We apply a methodology developed in [AN00], based on the theory of better quasi orderings (BQOs), to derive an efficient constraint system for automatic verification of safety properties for TPNs. We have implemented a prototype based on our method and applied it for verification of a parametrized version of Fischer's protocol.

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