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From data flow Petri nets to FPGAS through VHDL.

Abellard, A.; Grall, P.; Enea, G.; Abellard, P.

In: Petri Net Newsletter Vol. 64, April 2003, Special Event: Advanced Course on Petri Nets, Eichstätt, Sept. 15-26, 2003, Gesellschaft für Informatik e.V., pages 15-17. 2003.

Abstract: Many methods of codesign exist. Each of them presents specific particularities and are well suited for each class of problem to be solved. The use of Data Flow Petri Nets allows to try to aim at an optimal codesign. Indeed, the algorithm to be implemented is described with Data Flow PetriNets and simulated with any standard tool. Then, from the results of the simulation, it is easy to write a VHDL program to be compiled for its implementation on programmable components, i.e. FPGA, or others.

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