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On the Construction of Abstract GSPNS: An Exercise in Modeling.

Ajmone Marsan, M.; Donatelli, S.; Neri, F.; Rubino, U.

In: Proc. 4th Int. Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models (PNPM'91), Melbourne, Australia, pages 2-19. IEEE Comp. Soc. Press, December 1991.

Abstract: The GSPN modeling technique can be used in many different ways. It allows the simple development of detailed, easy-to-understand models of complex systems that typically are very costly to solve due to their exceedingly large state spaces. However, GSPNs can also be used to develop compact, abstract models with much smaller state spaces at the expense of a greater modeling effort. In this paper we use an example to show how a compact GSPN model can be developed by progressively abstracting the description of the system behaviour, starting with a very simple and detailed model. The chosen example is a multiserver random polling system.

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