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Composition of Temporal Logic Specifications.

Alexander, Adrianna

In: Proceedings of Applications and Theory of Petri Nets 2004: 25th International Conference, ICATPN 2004, Bologna, Italy, June 21-25, 2004, pages 98-116. Volume 3099 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science / Cortadella, Reisig (Eds.) --- Springer-Verlag, September 2004.

Abstract: The Temporal Logic of Distributed Actions (TLDA) is a new temporal logic designed for the specification and verification of distributed systems. TLDA supports a modular design of systems: Subsystems can be specified and verified separately and then be integrated into one system. The properties of the subsystems will be preserved in this process. TLDA can be syntactically viewed as an extension of TLA. We propose a different semantical model based on partial order which increases the expressiveness of the logic.

Keywords: temporal logic; specification; verification; compositional semantics; partial order.

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