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A modeling and analysis tool for discrete event systems -- continuous Petri net.

Alla, H.; David, R.

In: Performance Evaluation, Vol. 33, No. 3, pages 175-199. 1998.

Abstract: Autonomous and timed continuous Petri nets are defined. The autonomous model is presented as a limit case of autonomous discrete Petri nets and thus preserves most of the properties of classical Petri nets. A timed continuous Petri net, with constant firing speeds associated with transitions, is obtained from a timed discrete Petri net. This model has interesting properties such as marking and firing invariants, but its main interest is the construction of the evolution graph. This graph represents the behavior of the system and contains a finite number of nodes, which allows very short simulations duration in comparison with discrete model simulations. The approximation given by the continuous model is often satisfactory, especially in the case of large markings.

Keywords: continuous Petri nets, continuous markings, continuous systems, discrete-event systems, firing speed.

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