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Specification of an active database system application using dynamic relation nets.

Allain, L.; Yim, P.

In: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence, Vol. 1861: Computational Logic, Proceedings of CL 2000, pages 1197-1209. Springer-Verlag, 2000.

Abstract: This paper describes a new kind of specialization of an active database system application based on the dynamic relation nets, which are derived from high-level Petri nets. The capability of a dynamic relation net is introduced to describe both static and dynamic aspects of a system, and show how such a formalism may be used to specify ECA-rules. This model uses the graphical advantages of Petri nets as a visual interface with the user and inherits the precision of formal languages based on the set theory by describing unambiguously management rules of information systems. The derived tool, namely NetSpec, provides the designer with the ability to focus on the design rather than the implementation, since there is no imperative code to produce while in the design phase of an application.

Keywords: ECA rules, active database systems, dynamic relation nets, high-level Petri nets.

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