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Modeling and simulation of an electronic component manufacturing system using hybrid Petri nets.

Allam, M.; Alla, H.

In: IEEE Trans. on Semiconductor Manufacturing, Vol. 11, No. 3, pages 374-383. 1998.

Abstract: Modeling and analysis for the design and operation of manufacturing systems is a vital need. For semiconductor manufacturing systems, which are large scale systems, discrete Petri nets do not constitute an adequate tool for modeling and analysis. In fact, use of discrete Petri nets is confronted with the state explosion and the high cost of simulation. In this paper, hybrid Petri nets are presented as powerful tools for modeling and simulation of semiconductor manufacturing systems. This model has been used for modeling and simulation of a real life electronic components manufacturing system. It provides an accurate and fast simulation of this system.

Keywords: hybrid Petri nets, semiconductor manufacturing systems, simulation methods.

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