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Dynamic Analysis of Timed Petri Nets: A Case of Two Processes and a Shared Resource.

Alpan, Gülgün; Jafari, Mohsen A.

In: IEEE Transactions on Robotics and Automation, Vol. 13, No. 3, pages 338-346. June 1997.

Abstract: There are several techniques for the analysis of the dynamics of timed Petri nets. When the net is not decision free, the existing methods come short of an efficient analysis. In this paper, we present a method, we call ``Relative Temporal Analysis'', to analyze the dynamics of a system with two processes and a shared resource. It is possible to find the resource utilization sequence, the waiting time period for each process and identify possible conflicts through this technique. Based on this technique we also build control charts which can be used for control purposes such as obtaining ``optimal'' conflict resolution schemes.

Keywords: Discrete event systems; Petri nets.

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