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High Level Timed Petri Net Templates for the Temporal Verification of Real-Time Multiprocessor Applications.

Ananidou, Dimitra; Hassapis, George; Kleftouris, Dimitrios

In: Volume 2563 of Lecture Notes in Computer Science, pages 386-400. January 2003.

Abstract: In this work templates for modeling the execution of application software on a shared memory real-time multiprocessor system are presented. These templates are parameterized High Level Timed Petri Nets which can be adapted to the design specifications of a specific application software design by customizing their token data structures. Simulating the solution of the derived Petri net models, the satisfaction of timing characteristics of the application software design, such as response time to external stimuli, can be studied. Each model describes with the same degree of detail the execution of application software running on the specific computer platform. Three different application programs were modeled by each template and a comparative evaluation of the ability of the three templates to predict timing characteristics of these programs was performed. On the basis of the results of this study the model that predicts the timing characteristics of the software execution with the best computation cost, is identified.

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