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Application of Petri Nets to Specify and Verify the ISO-CASE Protocols.

Ang, C.C.; Jordan, V.; Dillon, T.S.

In: Tanaka, H.; et al.: Interoperable Information Systems, ISIIS'88. Proceedings of the Second International Symposium, 1988, Tokyo, Japan, pages 119-126. Amsterdam, Netherlands: IOS, 1988.

Abstract: The complexity of the communication protocols developed from the 7-layer model for open systems interconnection (OSI), requires that they be formally specified using a formal description technique to eliminate ambiguity and form a basis for verification and validation. The authors specify a subset of the ISO CASE (common application service element) communication protocols using numerical Petri nets. Verification is carried out using reachability analysis. Safety properties of the protocols are determined and the results of the verification are reported.

Keywords: ISO-CASE protocol, (specification and verification); open systems interconnection; common application service element; numerical net; reachability analysis.

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