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Parallel Architectures with Regular Structure: a Case Study in Modelling using Stochastic Well-formed Coloured Petri Nets.

Anglano, C.; Donatelli, S.; Gaeta, R.

In: 5th International Workshop on Petri Nets and Performance Models, Toulouse (F) 19.-22. October 1993, pages 226-235. 1993.

Abstract: In this paper we show how to study the latency of packets exchanged by MIMD distributed memory architectures with regular structures. To reach this goal we model the single node, the architecture topology, the routing algorithm and the flow conttrol algorithm. Models have been built with the formalism of Stochastic Well-Formed Coloured Petri Nets (SWN) having in mind modularity: different types of nodes, topology, routing and flow control are modelled in isolation, and are then intermixed to study different architectures. To achieve simplicity and modularity we have used SWN to their full power, so that this work constitutes quite a complete example of modelling with SWN

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