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Application of Compositional Petri Nets in the Specification of Multimedia Objects.

Anisimov, N.A.; Kovalenko, A.A.; Postupalsky, P.A.; Vuong, S.T.

In: Proceeding of the Fourth Pacific Workshop on Distributed Multimedia Sistems (DMS'97), Knowledge System Institute, Canada, pages 52-59. July 1997.

Abstract: This paper addresses the problems of the specification for real-world size multimedia presentations. In particular, we focus on synchronization aspects and user interaction functions. We suggest to employ the compositional approach within framework of Petri nets. The application of the notion of macroplace in Petri net is discussed, which allows to produce compact multimedia specifications. We also consider the use a notion of Petri net entity for specifying intra- and inter-stream synchronization in a modular way. The employing of Petri net tool, called PN3-Tool, is suggested.

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