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Concurrent Execution Semantics of DAML-S with Subtypes.

Ankolekar, Anupriya; Huch, Frank; Sycara, Katia

In: I. Horrocks, J. Hendler (Eds.): The Semantic Web - ISWC 2002, First International Semantic Web Conference, Sardinia, Italy, June 9-12, 2002, pages 1-318pp. Springer Verlag, LNCS 2342, May 2002.

Abstract: The DARPA Agent Markup Language ontology for Services (DAML-S) enables the description of Web-based services, such that they can be discovered, accessed and composed dynamically by intelligent software agents and other Web services, thereby facilitating the coordination between distributed, heterogeneous systems on the Web. We propose a formalised syntax and an initial reference semantics for DAML-S, which incorporates subtype polymorphism. The semantics we describe is derived from the semantics for Erlang and Concurrent Haskell. We contrast our semantics with an alternate semantics proposed for DAML-S, based on the situation calculus and Petri nets.

Keywords: Agents; Services; Languages and Infrastructure; Ontologies.

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