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Parallel Petri net path searching on a local area network - object oriented Pascal implementation.

Anneberg, L.; Rajappan, G.; Singh, H.; Yaprak, E.

In: 2,: Microelectronics and Reliability, 32 (1992) 1, pages 199-206. 1992.

Abstract: In this increasingly technological age, the need for parallel processing has never been greater than it is today. Parallelizing a particular program or system can increase the speed of the system by the number of processors (in the ideal case). A wide variety of parallel and distributed systems exist, and their efficiency may not be the same for different types of problems. In fact, the variation of real world systems and their possible implementation on an actual distributed system is enormous. In this paper, an inexpensive solution to parallelizing the determination of paths in a Petri net is presented. The system utilized is an IBM Local Area Network with four computers arranged as a parallel processing system. A three step generalized algorithm to accomplish the parallelization is given. The actual implementation is facilitated by the use of object oriented software design

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