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Petri Net Approach for Requirement Analysis Phase of Software Engineering.

Anneberg, L.; Singh, H.

In: Computers, Computer Architecture and Microprocessors in Education Modeling and Simulation. Proceedings of the Twenty-First Annual Pittsburgh Conference, 1990, Pittsburgh, PA, USA; Part 3, pages 1015-1019. San Diego, CA, USA: Soc. for Computer Simulation Int., 1990.

Abstract: Requirements analysis is the first phase in the traditional software engineering lifecycle. Requirement analysis takes up only 3% of the entire effort typically expended on a software project. Early correction of potential problems may alleviate vast problems later on in the maintenance phase. A method is proposed for Petri net representation of a requirements analysis narrative. The narrative is analyzed by an algorithm which identifies the nouns and verbs that correspond with and are assigned to Petri net nodes.

Keywords: requirement analysis narrative; linguistic narrative analysis; software engineering; matrix algorithm.

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