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Towards an object Petri net model for specifying and validating distributed information systems.

Aoumeur, N.; Saake, G.

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 1626: Advanced Information Systems Engineering, pages 381-395. Springer-Verlag, 1999.

Abstract: The paper presents first results towards a tailored conceptual model for advanced distributed information systems regarded as open reactive and distributed systems with large databases and application programs. The proposed model, referred to as CO-Nets, is based on a complete integration of object oriented concepts with some construction from semantical data modeling into an appropriate variant of algebraic Petri nets named ECATNets. The CO-Nets behavior is interpreted into rewriting logic. Particularly, it is shown how CO-Nets promote incremental construction of complex components, regarded as a hierarchy of classes, through simple and multiple inheritance (with redefinition, associated polymorphism and dynamics binding). Each component behaves with respect to an appropriate intra-component evolution pattern that supports intra- as well as inter-object concurrency. On the other hand, the paper presents how such components may be interconnected, through their interfaces, with respect to an inter-component interaction pattern that enhances concurrency and preserves the encapsulated features of each component. Moreover, by interpreting the CO-Nets behavior into rewriting logic, rapid-prototypes can be generated using rewrite techniques and current implementation of the MAUDE language particularly. The CO-Nets approach is presented through a simplified staff management system case study.

Keywords: CO-Nets, ECATNets, MAUDE, algebraic Petri nets, distributed information systems, object Petri nets.

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