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Modelling and verification of real-time software using interpreted Petri nets.

Arendt, F.; Kluehe, B.

In: Annual Review in Automatic Programming, 15 (1990) Part 1,, pages 35-40. 1990.

Abstract: Increasing the efficiency of the software development and guaranteeing the software correctness has become a main problem in real-time programming. This problem connected with the parallel operating mode in real-time systems and general approaches for its solution are discussed. It can only be solved with the help of mathematical models suitable for a compact and transparent software description as well as for a verification of the dynamic behaviour of parallel programs. In this paper a method is presented for modelling and verification using interpreted Petri nets. An adapted Software Interpreted Net (SIN) is introduced. It allows firstly the description of the software on a problem-oriented level and secondly the complete verification on the basis of Petri net theory. The principles of modelling and verification are demonstrated

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