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Conformance: A Precongruence close to Bisimilarity.

Arun-Kumar, S.; Natarajan, V.

In: Desel, J.: Structures in Concurrency Theory, Proceedings of the International Workshop on Structures in Concurrency Theory (STRICT), Berlin, 11-13 May 1995, pages 55-68. 1995.

Abstract: In a previous paper we had defined the notion of an efficiency preorder for concurrent systems. In this paper, we present a coarser relation, called the elaboration preorder, which is finer than observational equivalence. Further, this preorder is incomparable with the almost-weak bisimulation preorder of Sangiorgi and Milner. In particular, the elaboration preorder is preserved under all contexts except summation. The largest precongruence contained in it, which we call conformance, is obtained by the usual means and a complete axiomatization for conformance of finite processes is given. The paper ends with an example to show the use of this relation.

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