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Qualitative Diagnosis of Condition Systems.

Ashley, Jeffrey; Holloway, Lawrence E.

In: Discrete Event Dynamic Systems, Vol. 14, No. 4, pages 395-412. 2004.

Abstract: A condition system is a collection of Petri nets that interact with each other and the external environment through condition signals. Some of these condition signals may be unobservable. In this paper, a system fault is defined in terms of observed behavior versus expected behavior, where the expected behavior is defined through condition system models. A diagnosis of this fault localizes the subsystem that is the source of the discrepancy between output and expected observations. We show that the structure of the interacting subsystems define a diagnostic causal model that captures the causal structure of subsystem dependencies. The diagnostic causal model can then be used to determine a set of subsystems that might be the source of a fault.

Keywords: discrete event systems; Petri nets; fault diagnosis; causal nets.

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