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A dedicated processor for the control of power electrical converters: Implementation of an application described by Petri nets.

Aubry, J.F.; Zanne, C.; Wang, P.

In: MIMI'90, Mini and Microcomputers and Their Applications, Proceedings of the ISMM International Symposium, Lugano, CH, June 19-21, 1991(?), pages 72-75. Zuerich: ACTA Press,, 1990.

Abstract: The digital control of power electrical converters, such as thyristor converters for electrical drives or High Voltage D.C. transmission, is a hard problem. The quickness of the process, the complexity and diversity of the tasks and their interactions make the use of generally-used real time systems design impossible. Consequently, we have developed for this class of processes a conception method structured in three steps: choice of algorithms and formalization, research of a functional solution, implementation. This method appeals to the Interpreted Petri Nets (IPN) for the description of the tasks (first step) and the control (second step) of their activations. A dedicated multi-processor using fast bit sliced microprocessors has been developed to facilitate the implementation of this class of applications

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