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Strong Bisimilarity on Nets Revisited.

Autant, C.; Belmesk, Z.; Schnoebelen, Ph.

In: Aarts, E.H.L.; et al.: Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 506; PARLE'91, Vol. 2, Parallel Languages. Proceedings of the Conference on Parallel Architectures and Languages Europe, 1991, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, pages 295-312. Berlin, Germany: Springer, 1991.

Also in: RR 847-I-IMAG-120-LIFIA. .

Abstract: Olderog's notions of bisimulation between Petri nets considers bisimulations between places of nets rather than between markings. Unfortunately, his definition leads to several problems that have not been noticed. It turns out that the situation is more complicated than in classical bisimulation theory over transition systems. The authors propose a new definition which solves the problems and which is much more general. They investigate the consequences of the new definition: many results of classical bisimulation theory can be recovered.

Keywords: strong bisimilarity; bisimulation; transition system.

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