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Applications of the Methodologies of Analysis and Simulation in the Datamat Group.

Autolitano, A.; Artesi, L.; Ghiotto, M.; Venturini, F.

In: Giornate sul CASE e sull'Ingegneria del Software: Giornata Datamat: le Metodologie CASE e l'Assicurazione Qualita, 1990, Milan, Italy, pages 52-70. Milan, Italy: Assoc. Italiana Inf. & Calcolo Autom., 1990. In Italian.

Abstract: The paper describes an experiment by Datamat for integrating functional analysis methods and simulation analysis of systems. It deals particularly with IDEF/SADT and high level Petri networks. An explanation is given of the structured analysis and design techniques (SADT) and its main function. System simulation is explained briefly, together with the main features of Petri networks and constructive elements of language. Some applications by Datamat are described in detail.

Keywords: simulation; structured analysis (and) design techniques; high level net.

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