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Parallel Simulation of Stochastic Petri Nets using Recursive Equations.

Baccelli, F.; Canales, M.

In: Rapport de recherche 1520, INRIA, Rocquencourt. 1991.

Abstract: A new parallel simulation method is proposed for the class of stochastic decision free Petri nets that is amenable to an SIMD implementation. This method is based on the (max,+)-linear structure of recursive equations that were established for this type of systems. Two variants are analyzed, the spatial and the temporal methods. The spatial method allows one to simulate large networks. The temporal method which generalizes to Petri nets a method that was introduced recently for queues, is of more use for simulating systems for a long time interval. The emphasis is put on the spatial approach which is shown to provide a simple way of estimating both the cycle time and the statistics of the marking process. The theoretical complexity of this algorithm is investigated.

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