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Cache Coherence in MIMD systems: A Petri Net Model for a Minimal State Solution.

Baer, J.L.; Girault, C.

In: Kartashev, S.P.; et al.: Supercomputing Systems: Architectures, Design, and Performance., pages 292-326. New York, NY, (USA): Van Nostrand Reinhold Co., Inc., 1989.

Abstract: The authors use a powerful modeling tool, extended Petri Nets, to study the difficult problem of cache coherence in a multiprocessor system where the interconnection structure between processors and memory modules is not a single shared bus. The Petri Net modeling of the protocols is very valuable in understanding the difficulties that can arise in the synchronization and exchanges of messages, and in determining the hardware requirements of the caches and memory controllers.

Keywords: cache coherence (in) MIMD system; minamal state solution; extended net; multiprocessor system; hardware requirement; memory controller.

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