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A Transputer Based Real-Time Kernel and its Verification.

Bagchi, K.K.; Olson, O.; Sorenson, L.; Kristenson, A.

In: Proceedings of the Second International Conference on Software Engineering for Real Time Systems, 1989, Cirencester, UK, pages 165-169. London, UK: IEE, 1989.

Abstract: Based upon a transputer network, the authors have developed real-time software in Occam. They describe a verification methodology of an embedded message based distributed real-time software. In order to verify that this software is free from errors and to test each module for its desired performance, the authors have chosen a version of Petri nets called Occam-net as their design and verification tool. An analysis based on a type of net which corresponds to various constructs of Occam is used.

Keywords: transputer network; Occam net; real-time kernel; design tool; verification tool.

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