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Timed Petri Nets Based Scheduling for Batch Plants with the Consideration of Clean-up Operation.

Bahri, Parisa A.; Gu, Tianlong; Lee, Peter

In: The 6th World Congress of Chemical Engineering, Melbourne, Australia, pages 213-218. September 2001.

Abstract: In this paper, timed Petri nets-based approach is extended to deal with the scheduling problems of batch plants with the consideration of clean-up times. Firstly, timed Petri nets formulation approach is given, where two different categories of cleaning requirements, sequence dependent and frequency dependent, are considered. Different Petri net structures or sub-nets are presented respectively. Secondly, a heuristic search algorithm for the optimal scheduling of batch plants with the consideration of clean-up times is presented. From the complete Petri net model of the batch plant obtained, the optimal schedule can be solved through searching the reachability tree of the firing sequence of the transitions. Finally, the effectiveness of the proposed approach and algorithm is illustrated through case studies.

Keywords: batch process, scheduling, timed Petri nets, discrete event systems.

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