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Petri-net Based Modelling and Scheduling of Batch Processing Plants - a Heuristic Algorithm.

Bahri, Parisa A.; Gu, Tianlong; Lee, Peter

In: Proceedings of International Symposium on Advanced Control of Chemical Processes, Vol. 1, pages 467-472. June 2000.

Abstract: Effective scheduling of operations in batch plants has a great potential for high economic returns, in which formulation and optimal solution algorithm are the main issues of study. This study aims to investigate petri-net based approaches to ultimately accommodate complex scheduling problems (such as mixed batch continuous plants) where traditional techniques have difficulties in dealing with. The timed petri-net based heuristic search algorithms for short-term scheduling of batch plants are explored. Theoretical results will be applied to the simulation case studies.

Keywords: scheduling algorithms, batch, heuristics, Petri-nets, discrete event systems.

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