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Stochastic Petri Net Simulation.

Balbo, Gianfranco; Chiola, Giovanni

In: Proceedings of the Winter Simulation Conference WSC'89, 1989, Washington, DC, USA, pages 266-276. Piscataway, NJ, USA: IEEE Service Center, 1989.

Abstract: When random temporal specifications are added to Petri nets, stochastic Petri nets are obtained from which event-driven simulators can be automatically constructed. A discussion is presented of the double role that stochastic Petri net simulation plays as an aid in the debugging of the correctness of the model and as a vehicle for the evaluation of the efficiency of the system. A modeling tool that has been developed for these purposes is illustrated with an emphasis on the modeling environment it provides and on its internal software architecture.

Keywords: stochastic net simulation; event-driven simulator; efficiency; debugging; software architecture; modelling tool.

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