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Product Form Solution for Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets.

Balbo, G.; Bruell, S.; Sereno, M.

In: IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, pages 915-932. October 2002.

Abstract: In this paper, we show the structural characteristics that a particular class of Generalized Stochastic Petri Nets must exhibit in order for their stationary probabilities to have a product-form. Sufficient conditions for identifying such a class are derived and proven with the development of a series of transformations that can also be used to construct, for any GSPN of the class, an equivalent SPN. These resulting SPNs represent the structures that can be analyzed with standard methods for Product-Form SPNs to establish whether the original GSPNs have Product-Form solutions and to compute their performance indices with effective approaches based on computationally efficient algorithms that avoid the generation of their underlying state spaces.

Keywords: Generalized stochastic Petri nets, product form solution.

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