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PROTOB and ARTIFEX: Operational Object-Oriented Methodology and Case Environment for Automatic Ada Code Generation.

Baldassari, M.; Bottino, G.P.; Bruno, G.; Castella, A.; Grinzato, G.F.; al., et

In: Toulouse'90: Software Engineering and its Applications, Third International Workshop, 1990, Toulouse, France, pages 779-794. Nanterre: EC2, 1990.

Abstract: The PROTOB methodology, based on PROT nets, can be applied to discrete event dynamic systems in general, such as real-time embedded systems, distributed systems, communication protocols and manufacturing control systems exploiting the object-oriented paradigm. The PROTOB formalism integrates high-level programming languages to form a model of the implementation software. The entire implementation Ada code is generated automatically. This paper presents the PROTOB methodology together with its supporting CASE (computer-aided software engineering) environment called ARTIFEX.

Keywords: PROTOB; object oriented methodology; PROT net; computer-aided software engineering; ARTIFEX; (automatic) Ada code generation; discrete event dynamic system.

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