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Modelling and Simulation of Flexible Assembly Systems: A Petri Net Approach.

Banaszak, Zbigniew; Abdul-Hussin, Mowafak H.

In: Qatar University Science Journal, Vol. 15, No. 2, pages 307-328. 1995.

Abstract: This paper presents an approach towards contructing a class of Place/Transition nets for modelling, simulation and control of processes occuring in the Flexible Assembly Systems. Its objective lies in the formal statement of the conditions allowing to design the nets consisting of viable discrete control logic models, i.e. nets encompassing admissible control of the processes flow. We consider batch production processes which can be descomposed into a set of transportation and assembly operations. For each operations, required resources are identified like workpiece buffers and industrial robots. The approach proposed is applied to a decision support system whose design and operation is outlined.

Keywords: Modelling; Petri Nets; Control system synthesis; Control flow; Assembly system; Computer-Aided Process Planning.

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