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Deadlock Avoidance in Flexible Manufacturing Systems with Concurrently Competing Process Flows.

Banaszak, Zbignew A.; Krogh, Bruce H.

In: IEEE Trans. Rob. Autom., Vol. 6, No. 6, pages 724-734. December 1990.

Abstract: The authors develop a Petri net (PN) model of concurrent job flow and dynamic resource allocation in an flexible manufacturing system and define deadlock in terms of transition enabling in the PN model. The problem of deadlock avoidance is addressed by introducing the notion of a restriction policy, which is a feedback policy for excluding some enabled transitions from the current resource allocation alternatives. The authors then present their deadlock avoidance algorithm (DAA) and prove that restricted deadlock can never occur for any resource allocation policy implemented under the DAA restriction policy.

Keywords: deadlock avoidance (in) flexible manufacturing system(s); competing process flows; dynamic resource allocation; deadlock avoidance algorithm.

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