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Parallel Microprogramming as a Tool for Multi-Microprocessor Systems.

Bandman, O.L.; Piskunov, S.V.

In: Wolf, G.; et al.: Parcella'88. Proceedings of the Fourth International Workshop on Parallel Processing by Cellular Automata and Arrays, 1988, Berlin, DDR, pages 57-72. Berlin, West Germany: Springer-Verlag, 1989.

Abstract: The paper suggests a new approach to systematic design of multi-microprocessor systems. Its underlying postulates are as follows. (1) Computing and control algorithms are represented in the form of parallel microprograms. (2) Asynchronous composition of algorithmic descriptions of operators over arrays and parallel microprograms is based on Petri nets. (3) The design is carried out in the interactive mode.

Keywords: parallel microprogramming; interactive mode.

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