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Modeling and performance evaluation of tool sharing management in FMS using stochastic Petri nets.

Barkaoui, K.; Ben Abdallah, I.

In: Proc. IEEE Int. Conf. on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics (SMC'93), 17-20 October 1993, Le Touquet, France, Vol. 1, pages 282-288. 1993.

Abstract: This paper addresses the problem of sharing tools in FMSs. The system to be modeled is a typical cell, where tools after presetting are loaded in a tool-disk and carried to and from machine tools by means of an automated guided vehicle (AGV). The modeling and analysis of the system in terms of stochastic Petri nets permits to accurately quantify the effect of tool sharing policy on machine utilization and tool delivery time. The limitations of this tool management approach are varied by changing the relevant parameters that affect the performance measures.

Keywords: manufacturing systems, performance evaluation, stochastic Petri nets, tool sharing management.

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