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Resource Bisimulation in Nested Petri Nets.

Bashkin, V.; Lomazowa, I.

In: IWorkshop Concurrency, Specification and Programming CS & P'2002, Berlin; Oct. 7-9, Vol. 1; H.D. Burkhard, L. Czaja, G. Lindemann, A. Skowron, P. Starke (Eds.), Informatik-Bericht Nr. 161, Humboldt-Univ. zu Berlin, pages 39-52. 7-9 October. 2002.

Abstract: Resources are defined as submultisets of Petri net markings. Two resources are called similar if replacing of one by another doesn't change the Petri net's behavior. We define the relation of resource bisimulation and show that thought the marking bisimulation is undecidable for Petri nets, the resource bisimulation is decidable for them. In this paper the resource bisimulation is studied for nested Petri nets - Petri nets with Petri nets as tokens. Their nested structure induces a set of resource similarities, some of them are decidable.

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