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The Application of Duals in the Analysis of Petri Nets.

Bass, L.M.; de Montluzin, R.E.

In: SOUTHEASTCON'90. Proceedings. Conference: 1990, New Orleans, LA, USA; Vol. 1, pages 72-76. New York, NY, USA: IEEE, 1990.

Abstract: The closeness algorithm is presented, an algorithm which guides the selection of the best form of either a primal or a dual for further analysis. The primal refers to the original Petri net, and a dual is a transformation of the primal form of a net. The use of the closeness algorithm is limited to a subclass of Petri nets called free-choice nets, where the primal and dual are both live and safe. The closeness algorithm can be very useful in simplifying the analysis of a Petri net.

Keywords: dual net; closeness algorithm; free-choice net; liveness; safeness.

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