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Petri Net Objects for the Design, Validation and Prototyping of User-Driven Interfaces.

Bastide, R.; Palanque, P.

In: Diaper, D.; et al.: Human-Computer Interaction: INTERACT'90. Proceedings of the IFIP TC 13 Third International Conference, 1990, Cambridge, UK, pages 625-631. Amsterdam, Netherlands: North-Holland, 1990.

Abstract: Petri net objects are a high-level, object-structured dialect of Petri nets, primarily devised for the design of parallel systems. This formalism can be used for the specification and design of event-driven interfaces, through the use of a real-life example. The authors discuss the potential for dialogue validation and prototyping offered by this model.

Keywords: net object; design, validation, prototyping (of) user-driven interface; high-level, object-structured net; dialogue validation; event-driven interface.

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