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Definitions for OBJSA Nets.

Battiston, Eugenio

Technical Report i.4.21. Progretto Finalizzato Sistemi Informatici e Calcolo Parallelo. Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), Italy, October 1990.

Abstract: This report contains the second definition of OBJSA nets, which maintains all the basic characteristics of the original definition and differs from it because some extensions and updating. The main extension has been introduced in order to allow mutual interactions among several instances of the same component. Especially, the paper contains the definition of the notions of transition enabling and transiton firing, of the linear form (the incidence matrix) together with all needed for defining S- and T-invariants and proving the corresponding main theorem.

Keywords: OBJSA net, (second definition); OBJ language; superposed automata net; mutual interaction (among components); S-invariant; T-invariant; firing rule.

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