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The Synthesis Problem of Netcharts.

Baudru, Nicolas; Morin, Rémi

In: Lecture Notes in Computer Science : Petri Nets and Other Models of Concurrency - ICATPN 2006, Volume 4024, 2006, pages 84-104. 2006. URL:

Abstract: A netchart is basically a Petri net whose places are located at some process and whose transitions are labeled by message sequence charts (MSCs). Two recent papers showed independently that any globally-cooperative high-level MSC corresponds to the behaviors of some communicating finite-state machine - or equivalently a netchart. These difficult results rely either on Thomas' graph acceptors or Zielonka's construction of asynchronous automata. In this paper we give a direct and self-contained synthesis of netcharts from globally-cooperative high-level MSCs by means of a simpler unfolding procedure.

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